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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we include responses to some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the team. You can do this by Freephone 0808 168 8296 or by email at

Who owns the site?

The site of the Deansgate Locks Premier Inn is owned freehold by Whitbread Plc.

What is being proposed?

The proposals would redevelop the site of One Medlock Street into a mixed-use development across two buildings consisting of c.370 homes in a 41 storey residential building, and a 13-storey workplace.

What else is proposed for the buildings?

The proposed workspace would include both shared and private office space, with cycle storage and facilities to encourage active travel. A pocket park would be included outside the new residential building, along with amenity space inside for future residents such as a gym.

What will the development look like?

The proposals would deliver a landmark development that would complement and build upon the vision of the wider First Street regeneration area. The material palette will reflect the surrounding heritage and existing character and provide a high-quality development for the city.

How tall will the buildings be?

The proposed buildings will be 13 storeys (office) and 41 storeys (residential). The scheme has evolved alongside other developments and proposals for the First Street regeneration area to complement the wider vision for the new neighbourhood. The proposed building heights have been designed to work well within their existing and long-term context.

Will the proposals affect sunlight and daylight for local residents?

The site layout has been designed in line with the guidance set out in the First Street SRF, carefully considering the relationship the proposed development would have with the surrounding neighbourhood.  The layout has also been designed to reflect its prominent location, with the tallest building adjacent to the Mancunian Way and set back from residential apartments. The proposed development has been designed in such a way that it would limit the impact on neighbouring residential properties, as the buildings step back from River Street.

How will parking be managed?

A parking strategy is currently being developed with provision for accessible spaces and electronic charging points to be included. The site is in a very sustainable location within walking distance of the city centre, Oxford Road Railway Station, the bus network and the Deansgate Metrolink. This will help to promote travel by sustainable forms of transport. 

How will the proposals fit in with the other developments in the area?

The proposed development has been designed to respond to the emerging First Street SRF area. The diagram below shows our interpretation of how the Framework Principles could be delivered and the existing and proposed positive public space and it also identifies the existing and proposed positive frontages around the site. The development of the One Medlock Street site is a critical component of the regeneration of the wider area.

Wiider Context Map
How can I comment on the plans?

We held a public consultation on the plans in January 2021. This included an information webinar on Tuesday 19th January. Thank you to all those who provided feedback. For more information or to speak to the team please email or call 0808 168 8296.

When will you submit a planning application?

We anticipate that a planning application will be submitted to Manchester City Council in early 2021.

When would construction begin on site?

A date has not yet been decided on. Subject to planning permission, and the appointment of a building contractor, work is expected to start in late summer / autumn 2022.

How long will construction last?
Demolition and construction will be in a phased manner over a period of approximately 3 years, with both buildings anticipated to be operational in 2025.